16th July 2012

Title: Genre Analysis

Texts:  summary of BButtonstory

Objective: Must make comparisons

Should reflect on comparisons

Could relate to thoughts on Life itself

Starter:  Use the following question prompts to order your reflections on the short story.

  1. Does “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” have a moral, or attempt to teach its readers a lesson of sorts?
  2. What is the effect of the first-person narration, and why does the narrator reveal himself so minimally?
  3. Is “Benjamin Button” funny, tragic, or both?
  4. How sympathetic are you to Benjamin’s character? As a reader, can you relate to him at all, despite the peculiarity of his circumstance?
  5. Well-executed short stories usually cover a short period of time. How is it that “Benjamin Button” functions well as a short piece yet covers the course of 70 years?


1. What does “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” teach us about the nature of age?

2. How has the story made you think differently about Life?

Plenary: Which version of the story do you prefer and why?

Further Reading: An analysis of Themes etc